ARDS Vision

Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future.

We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society.


We Believe

Our priority is the ARDS aims to promote self-sufficiency and economic development among people who don't have access to the traditional financial sector. They do this primarily by extending small loans to the registered members of the Society. Recipients are usually the poor and "unbanked," but they also include people who are not poor but who lack the credit standing to borrow money to start or grow a business.

Further object of the instruction is to impart various programmes i.e. literary, cultural, environmental, physical and social. The institution promise to make society self-dependent. The another object of the institution is to make peace and harmony in social life.

Aim and Objectives

To improve quality of life of farmers’ especially, small and marginal farmers by offering a complete package of activities to maximize farm returns.

Increasing agricultural productivity of rainfed areas in a sustainable manner by adopting appropriate farming system based approaches.

To minimise the adverse impact of possible crop failure due to drought, flood or un-even rainfall distribution through diversified and composite farming system.


We are hiring Executive

Are you a social person and can motivate people who is looking to show your skills to develop the Rural Society? Are you able to manage training programme?


At The ARDS we offer:

 Full Time, Part Time and Year Round employment

 Shared benefit package

 Excellent work environment

The aims and objects of the Trust shall be under four areas as detailed below:



Advancement of Education and Training

To disseminate knowledge and impart education, training and coaching through education institutions on general (Arts, Commerce and Science), engineering, management, computer, IT, electronics, vocational, paramedical, journalism, mass communication, hotel management, Hospital management, aviation, fashion technology, interior decoration accountancy, textile, Apparel Disigning, Modeling personal grooming, Yoga, Physical Education, art &music, video editiong, photography, Acting Dance, make up Art, Graphics and Animations and other courses for the benefit of all sections of people.

Social Welfare Service

To render services, instruction, training and guidance in various, fields including citizenship, morality, rationalism, ecology, wild life and endangered species and plant, forest and environment, agro-horticulture, aromatic and medical plants, farming, self- employment, career building, female education, health care, disability, rehabilitation for the street children, orphans, disable persons and old aged persons, prevention of epidemic and deadly diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Malaria, etc. elimination of child labor and discrimination on women labor, rural health and sanitation and population control as well as extend humanitarian assistance to the deserving section of people regardless of their caste creed, race or religion adopt and develop properties for humanitarian service.

Service for Disable and Old Aged Person

For the improvement of social status of disable people ( deaf, dumb, blind and physically handicapped and mentally retardate) and the welfare of old aged persons, establish and develop institution and rehabilitation center to provide them education, food, clothing, job-oriented training, for livelihood generation, employment and other help.

Socio-Economic Activities

To take up action research on rural development and to adopt various activities on child an women development, rehabilitation and care for distressed women and child and also old aged persons, promotion of self help group and micro finance activities, science and technology, agriculture, promotion of livelihood for poor , disable person and orphan, etc. for the Upliftment of socio-economic condition of the socially deprived section of the society.