ARDS Aim and Objectives

To improve quality of life of farmers’ especially, small and marginal farmers by offering a complete package of activities to maximize farm returns.
Increasing agricultural productivity of rainfed areas in a sustainable manner by adopting appropriate farming system based approaches.
To minimise the adverse impact of possible crop failure due to drought, flood or un-even rainfall distribution through diversified and composite farming system.
Restoration of confidence in rainfed agriculture by creating sustained employment opportunities through improved on-farm technologies and cultivation practices
Enhancement of farmer’s income and livelihood support for reduction of poverty in rainfed areas
Conservation, development and sustainable management of natural resources.
Enhancement of agricultural production and productivity in a sustainable manner.
Restoration of ecological balance in the degraded and fragile rainfed eco-systems by greening these areas through appropriate mix of trees, shrubs and grasses.
Reduction in regional disparity between irrigated and rainfed areas.
Creation of sustained employment opportunities for the rural community including the landless.