Date of Meeting                                               :               05th May, 2020

Day of the Meeting                                         :               Tuesday

Place of Meeting                                              :               Dhekiajuli (Sonitpur, Assam)

Venue of the Meeting                                   :               Office of ARDS Dhekiajuli branch



Today dated 05th May, 2020 (Tuesday) a meeting was schedule at ARDS branch office dhekiajuli, the meeting was started as per schedule time, i.e 11:30 am till 03:30 pm.


The meeting was attended by Mr. Deepak Kujur (HRM), Mr. Dulal Chandra Das (BM), Mr. Bikash Kumar Das (Off Incharge), Mr. Bijoy Bibhar (PRO) and Mr.Swapan Hazari (MM).


The purpose, of the meeting is to discuss the various matter, details in summary as under:-


As ARDS field team regularly receiving inquiry regarding implementation of Scheme Project, we decided to pass any needful information after the 20th May, 2020 or any notification receive from concern dept of Govt of assam.


As we all know, due to lockdown and various parameters, we unable to collect the EMIs (FAP) as on 30th March 2020, 15th April 2020 & 30th April 2020. Therefore, we decided to notify to all ARDS EMI collecting Officers, that, from 15th May, 2020 onwards we are going to start our EMI collection, So, accordingly  concern officers are being inform over phone or sms to follow up to their respective FAP groups and arrange to do the same.


It is decided, that urgently need to close the membership forms of Rs. 360/- & Rs. 370/- and the related information will be inform to all employees, to submit/ provide the details of forms to the tezpur branch office as early as possible, since, putting reason that ARDS going to CLOSE the books of accounts for the financial year 2019-20, very shortly.


As per earlier planning, we all know that, we was suppose to open the retailer segment in the month of April, 2020 in proper planning, but unfortunately due to the corona pandemic condition/ lockdown we unable to do as per projection,


Now, after a lockdown of 1 and ½ month, we decided to plan the retailer segment in different plan, Mr. Deepak Kujur, HRM lead the entire planning, basic summary as under :-


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  • Entire Retail Management was controlled by the ARDS Governing body (Top Level Mgt)
  • After, Central Retail Management Team – CRM (Accountability to ARDS Governing body)
  • District Retail Management Team – DRM (5 members team)





Demographic explaination of ARDS Retail Business



ARDS Governing body

(Top level Management)



   5 member Central Retail Management Team



5 members District Retail Management Team






ARDS Consumer/ Member




Note : there will be all new term & conditions for CRM, DRM, retailer, etc and under progress.


Finally the meeting was completed successfully, and decided to make work in progress as early as possible.



Thanking you.

With warm regards

Dulal Chandra Das

Branch Manager, ARDS