Covid 19 Reshaping Political Campaigns in India

The Corona epidemic is now a cause of panic around the world. Death processions continue around the world. India was not spared from this deadly situation. Currently, the situation in India is extremely critical. This is because 70% of the people in our country live below the poverty line and after a long 3 months of lockdown, the common people have become unemployed. There is a food crisis in the households but it is true that the central government and the state government have provided free rations.

We have seen in past history how much the backbone of politics is made up of diplomacy. At present, it is also seen in India how politics is going on with Corona. And who has to pay the compensation to the common man. The Corona situation has made human life miserable. On the one hand, migrant workers are dying when they are hit by a truck on their way home on foot or when they are hit by a train. The problem of migrant workers is not with the central government or any state government. This problem is all over India. One class of people left home for a living and went out to work. They are all low-income. The Center and the states are blaming each other for not solving their problems. Leaders of different political parties in our country are now trying to meet their interests. Now our benevolent leaders or ministers have not come together and stood by the common people to confront them.

Central and state conflicts are not new to ordinary people like us. In fact, the opposition thinks that they will continue to oppose the center for the rest of their lives. The Narendra Modi government has allocated multiple financial packages. . Three months free gas for BPLs, Zero Balance Account holders are being paid Rs 500 each. But the real picture is very different. Politics is going on with all these financial packages. Many have raised the issue of fraud in Modi’s financial package.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanam, has commented on the Corona situation, saying that national unity around the world is very much needed. The situation is becoming more complicated to politicize the Corona epidemic. In this context, India’s observation shows that the government is lagging behind in both medical care and food aid. Ordinary people are moving from one hospital to another but are not getting proper treatment. As a result, countless people are dying prematurely. Leaders of various political parties are being accused of stealing relief from the common man in this difficult situation. In this awful situation, the situation should be dealt with without forgetting the political differences without the non-cooperation of every state with the Center.

Even after so many years of independence, the condition of hospitals in our country is deteriorating and so many people are dying day by day. Who will still get the seat of Delhi, the leader of our country? He is fighting in the hope of getting votes. Even after so many days, no health care infrastructure has been developed in the districts and villages. But it is not only the responsibility of our political leaders and ministers, but it is also the responsibility of some ordinary people like us. Everyone forgets that the common man controls the politicians of democracy, this difficult reality will teach the people who will be at the top of politics, who will stand by the common man in their misery, only then our India will improve the financial, education, health aspects again.


Coronavirus Lockdown: What India can learn from COVID-19 hit nations

India currently seems to be coping way better with the global pandemic situation than most countries. This is probably because by the time Covid-19 entered India, the government was well-prepared for the fight that they had to initiate against it. All decisions taken by the government were well-timed and helped avoid any disastrous occurrences, as experienced by many developed nations such as Italy, United Kingdom, United States and many more. These countries are known for their developed medical, financial and technical resources, yet they are suffering severely, due to the airborne virus.

Several institutions are researching the matter and have found out that the following reasons are behind these nations suffering more. India can learn from the mistakes made by these countries and try avoiding making the same mistakes.

Pair Up:

The government is currently in charge for protecting their citizens from falling victims to this deadly virus. However, in this case, the experts probably possess more knowledge about the characteristics and biological development of the virus than the government. This is why, it is probably time for them to pair up with experts and discuss several matters related to lockdown, quarantine, medical facilities, etc before they reach a conclusion.

Reduced healthcare:

The deduction that Coronavirus tends to be a serious disease for people who are either old or too young was discovered quite late. Health Policymakers in many countries had thought that by keeping the system restricted to the public sector would make healthcare much more effective yet efficient. However, this practice backfired, because it was seen that the private sector proved to be more effective and more efficient during this crisis than most public healthcare systems that were restricted by the introduction of several policies.

Detect Early:

Another lesson integral for India to understand is the fact that the developed nations currently suffer as they were ill-prepared for the impending danger that came with this virus. India will only be able to fight against the widespread coronavirus if it is able to prepare early before things get out of hand. By properly allocating funds towards healthcare facilities and testing capacity, will India be able to rise above this deadly virus. A strong yet efficient healthcare system is required if India wishes to defeat the viral pandemic.

Don’t miss the sign:

India cannot afford to miss the signs that arise before the corona virus surfaces in any state. They need to remain aware yet proactive in order to take instant decisions and stop the community-spread. They are required to publicise the consequences that may arise in case people do not follow the rules laid down by them to fight the virus. Propagation of hygiene practices is also required in order to help people avoid contracting the disease. They need to ask people to detect the first symptoms of the coronavirus and immediately seek medical help. People in isolation are also required to be provided information on how they are to proceed with this virus in their body from here on.

With these few bits of lessons, India may be able to tackle the corona virus situation much better than the nations before them.

Acquiring sustainable livelihood skills in the fight for survival

Acquiring Sustainable Livelihood Skills in the Fight for Survival

We need to know the lexical meaning of the word livelihood in the context of discussing the development of sustainable livelihood skills. The word livelihood means the way of life. Skill development is essential for economic development and inclusive development. Studies have shown that young women in rural areas need to develop skills for sustainable livelihoods. The development of the country aims to develop the skills of urban as well as rural people. That is why if they are given the opportunity to work, they will earn a sustainable livelihood. Sustainable livelihood development is a way to analyze and change the lives of people living below the poverty line. It helps to improve lives by harnessing the inherent abilities and resources that all individuals have. It helps in developmental activities.

NRLM has increased the capacity of poor people to make a living and support them. SRLM works on three pillars – expanding alternative livelihoods for the poor, enhancing skills for outside work, and building self-employment. After the Rural BPL Youth Council, skills will be developed for their work needs. Bringing the poor together and making their livelihood effective through their organization.

The Prime Minister’s Skill Development Scheme The Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship’s (MSDE) Flagship Scheme The main objective of this Skills Certificate Scheme is to enable a large number of Indian youth to undergo industry-relevant skills training which will help them earn a better livelihood. To make that program a success, Shri Narendra Modi has started several projects. Those projects are falling under the Whose rural economy will benefit a lot.

The Hans Foundation has supported projects across India to enhance farm-based interventions through properly designed agricultural packages. These projects cover states like Assam, Orissa, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka. The components of the project have focused on improved agriculture for greater productivity. For cereals, vegetables, and other crops – Farmers were trained on seed selection, seed treatment, nursery preparation, crop planting, spacing, weed management, use of organic manure, vermicompost, crop collection, and overall crop management. Even the market has been connected. Assistance has also been provided for check dams, alley plugs, boulder checks, ponds, etc. for easy availability of water.

In order to increase the income of various poor families, activities in the vicinity of poultry, piggery, dairy have been introduced to benefit women. To start the dairy projects, financial assistance was provided by the Central Government for the official distribution of cattle, food, chilling plants.

The Hans Foundation-supported organizations provide various training for the poor to become self-reliant. The government allows hospitality, beauticians, tailoring, and industrial mechanics. In addition to employment, it provides financial assistance to young people to set up their own enterprises through loans.

Experts are very optimistic about the impact of Skill India. This is a very good initiative. According to the World Bank, the working-age population will increase, the number of unemployed will decrease. The women of the village have become self-reliant as a result of coming under this scheme. Poverty rates have dropped, making India more economically viable.

Patience, Dedication and Attention are the Key to Our Success in Life

Patience, devotion, and attention complement each other in life. If anyone of these three things is lacking then the path to success in life becomes difficult. These three things we have to master after birth. Patience, devotion, and attention are the keys to success in every human life.

Patience is the main quality of a strong man. Patience gives man the strength to hope in the face of adversity. Patience means to trust. If a person does not have self-confidence and courage, he does not have patience. Second, what we need in our life is devotion, the word bhakti means devotion to something, respect, if our devotion does not increase respect for the thing based on life, we will not be able to do that love. Third, attention is needed in our lives. Focusing on something is called attention.

I know there is a proverb – the fruit of patience is sweet. If we work with patience, dedication, and attention then it is very easy to achieve success. There are different ways to increase patience such as – reading books, meditating, being confident, giving yourself time, not comparing yourself with others to become realistic. Practicing all these things will give him patience for everything in his life.

It is also very important to focus on yourself. It is often seen that while practicing a subject, one’s body is devoted to that task but the mind is not devoted to that task. That means we didn’t have to concentrate on that. We can focus on ourselves in a variety of ways, such as focusing on the mind, setting time, setting the work environment, dividing tasks into smaller parts, and developing interest in what needs to be done. , Need to exercise regularly. In addition, each of us must become a loyal person. Only a devoted person can make any difficult task easier or easier.

Discipline, perseverance, attention, ambition, concentration, patience are all things that can help a person reach his goal. But it is important to remember that you cannot win or lose if you do not lose or fail in life. Failure or defeat does not mean that he will not be able to win anymore, when he loses, his desire to win or succeed grows in him, but if a person becomes frustrated at the thought of losing, he takes a step back from progress. Something is very difficult to build but very easy to break. We will not feel the joy of success in life if we do not rise and fall in life.

Patience, devotion, meditation can improve life to a higher flame through the practice of these three subjects. Practicing patience in everyday situations and dedication and attention to each subject will not only make the present life happier but will also pave the way for a more satisfying and successful future. Which will give a better future to the next generation.

Crisis Situation in Assam Due to Natural Calamities – Floods Vs Corona Epidemic.

Floods are one of the causes of the annual catastrophe in the state of Assam. The main cause of the 2020 Assam floods is the Brahmaputra river floods and heavy rainfall in May. According to RBA data, out of a total of 748.523 lakh hectares of land in the state, 31.05 lakh hectares are at risk of floods. Floods in Assam are seen every year due to man-made and natural causes. Earthquakes, bank erosions, and dams usually cause floods in the entire state. Assam is flooded by the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers as well as their tributaries, usually damaging farmland. In addition, the people of Assam have not been spared from the global outbreak of corona disease in 2020.

In the current situation, Assam was devastated by floods and Kovid-19. Although the number of corona patients has started increasing across the country, the number of corona cases in Assam was not known at first. However, the number of corona patients in the state has increased since the arrival of workers from other states.

The situation in Assam is tense after a long lockdown. Unemployed people were placed under house arrest. Like every year, this year’s flood situation has further affected the people of Assam. In Assam, about 26 districts have been inundated by floods, More than 3,000 villages have been affected and about 61 people have died, while the number of corona cases continues to rise in Assam. Where the government is telling everyone to stay under house arrest, the helpless people of Assam have become homeless in the floodwaters. About 28,000 people in the state have been affected by corona and 60 have died.

According to various reports from Assam, almost all the croplands in the state have been damaged by the floods and most of the people are spending the night on the streets. In a long lockdown, the day laborers have become jobless, on the other hand, the flood has snatched the roof off their heads.

The floods have claimed the lives of people as well as innocent animals. In Kaziranga National Park187 animals, including 16 rhinos, have been killed and innocent animals have been killed.

Everybody is suffering in the clutches of the Corona attack all over the country. But in Assam, the situation of the people of the state is very critical due to Corona disease as well as floods. This difficult situation has become very difficult for the central government and the state government to deal with. Ordinary people are not able to maintain distance despite government directives.

They are spending their days together due to the flood. Despite the government providing relief to various camps, public life in Assam has come to a standstill today. The central government and the state government have assured the people in various ways that they are ready to provide all kinds of assistance. But there is no way to deny that we are vulnerable to natural disasters. The current situation in Assam teaches us that.

How to Become Self Reliant by Being Immersed in the Mantra of Motivation and Self Confidence

Introduction :

Every human life is a huge source of energy. Every human being has a source of latent life force. By relying on this vitality we can reach our own goals. Without being dependent on others, we can try to build a life by our own intellect, labor intelligence, strength, etc. Which in a word is called self-reliance or self-reliant. The Holy Bible says – You earn your living by the sweat of the brow.

Characteristics of self-reliance :

Self-reliance is a great virtue in our lives that is dormant in all of us but we need many virtues to make it a reality. There is no way we can become self-sufficient without hard work. We can become self-reliant only through the practice of enthusiasm, interest, dedication, discipline, honesty.

Our motivation for action :

Motivation towards action can illuminate the dark chapter of our life. And just then we find the real meaning of life. Then we move on to success and then we don’t have to depend on others. But those of us who are averse to action give up our lives to find the key to survival and their way of life is dark. So keep this in mind-God help those who help themselves.

Tied to the path of self-reliance :

The contribution of labor in our lives is undeniable and there is a relationship of self-reliance with labor. Self-reliance and self-esteem complement each other. We should not despise any work. If we deny labor, we will be deprived of all the pleasures of life. But it is also true that we often work hard but do not get the respect we deserve from society. If we break down for all this, our whole life will fail. Then in the eyes of everyone, I will be known as a lost man. So you have to be motivated to work to prove yourself and which will one day take us to the extremes of improvement and then I will be known to everyone as a successful person.

Attempts to become self-reliant in student life :

Student life is the right time to achieve self-reliance. Reading alone cannot develop our independent thinking power. The development of basic thinking power makes us self-reliant and all that thinking power can be achieved through extensive practice. Just as we have learned to walk in our own efforts, we have learned to speak. Only self-confidence can awaken our latent energy. We need to practice our weaknesses extensively so that we can become proficient in them.


Self-reliance is the key to all kinds of improvement. The creator does not help the person who does not want to be self-sufficient. We can face all difficult situations with the strength of self-strength. I will overcome any adversity by resorting to my own strength without praying for the mercy of others, not the greed of others. Motivation and confidence are the keys to success …..

During covid 19, various steps were taken by the government to change the economic situation of India

Introduction :

On December 31, 19, China informed the World Health Organization that an unknown disease had spread to their country. The place of origin is the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. Which at first is taking on the shape of a lot of pneumonia. According to a statement issued by the World Health Organization on January 9, 2020, Chinese researchers have named the virus and the name is Novel Corona Virus. Later it was named COVID-19. The World Health Organization has declared Covid-19 a parasite.

The government’s step to deal with COVID :

Coronavirus is a disease that causes respiratory and cold-related physical problems and Resulting in human death and it is a deadly contagious disease. That is why the World Health Organization has looked at 1.3 billion Indians from the very beginning. Accordingly, the Prime Minister of our country declared a public curfew on March 20 and ordered a lockdown from March 21. and arranges free rations for low-income people so that no one goes hungry. He also instructed every person to stay clean and not to approach the infected person.

Corona’s impact on the Indian economy :

The lockdown has been going on in our country since March 21, which has affected the social and economic system as a whole. First of all, the number of day laborers is more in our country so the economic crisis is appearing in our country more than other countries. The lockdown has almost cut off the livelihoods of the lower class and shut down many factories, leaving many workers unemployed. According to the survey, the rate of economic growth will decline by 1%. Lack of buyers is hurting the market, aviation, tourism industry, railways are suffering huge losses. RBI chief Shaktikant Das said India would suffer less than anywhere else in the world. However, the corona is being forced to reduce GST. Product service has declined as most people have stopped earning for the lockdown. Now people have stopped buying things other than daily necessities and the government will get less income tax next year due to the declining income of the people. In this situation, the economic situation of India is in a serious crisis.

The government’s quick response to the economic crisis :

No one disagrees that the country’s economy has suffered a lot due to the corona infection. But in this situation, economist Raghuram Rajan has noticed the possibility of India’s economic development. Former RBI governor claims foreign investment could come in the post-lockdown period. In addition, the Narendra Modi government has made various financial reforms to accelerate the overall progress of the country. He has taken various steps besides supporting small and medium enterprises In the interest of the farmers, they have discussed to increase the supply of cash and to strengthen the system of loan assistance. COVID 19 seeks to increase employment by providing more opportunities to the business sector for the welfare of the working class and the general public in order to maintain financial stability in the situation, Even Dr. Jitendra Singh says that the bamboo industry will play an important role in the Indian economy after COVID. In addition, the central government has recently increased the duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 3 per liter, which will fetch Rs 40,000 crore. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a special financial package of Rs 20 lakh crore to boost India’s economy. And named this project the Self-Reliant India Campaign. The Prime Minister thinks that this financial package will bring a huge reform in the Indian economy. “This package will try to minimize the damage to agriculture,” he said. This financial package will cover everyone from farmers to small and medium enterprises that follow the rules.

Conclusion :

India is facing the biggest problem of the century. In developing countries like India, 21 days of lockdowns have left many people without jobs, making them more likely to starve. If we look at the history of India, it will be understood that various difficult situations have repeatedly changed the economic map of India. When the economic crisis hit in 1991-92, the then government removed it. In the same way, the current difficult situation will be overcome and the economic structure will be strong. This time too it will not be otherwise.

Priority for Retail Supply Chain – COVID-19 Situation

As the Covid-19 epidemic spreads to India and almost all the countries of the world, lockdown is going on in every infected country. Every person is confined to the house for lockdown, it is forbidden to go out of the house without excessive need. In this situation, it has become very difficult to reach customers or the general public. Retailers have stepped up their tireless efforts to provide their customers with the products they need and to protect their health.

Global supply chain networks are being promoted every day in Covid-19. In line with this, retailers are looking for new ways to supply their customers with the products they need. The networks of this chain have grown to a much larger size. People from different countries have realized their intensity. Supply chain leaders have created a variety of transparency to reduce short-term results. With the outbreak of Covid 19 disease, the demand for daily necessities has changed. With more and more people staying at home, the demand for food, household, and personal goods has increased. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Logistics and supply chain Retail business is one of the components of a country’s economy. We collect raw materials based on demand forecasts and then accelerate production to store and eventually reach consumers. As a result of the lockdown, manufacturers and retailers face closure of this supply. Ordinary people panic and start stocking food and other necessities. Supply was disrupted as production was halted due to the absence of workers for the lockdown.

In order to restore the supply chain during the Coronavirus, the McKinsey study called for immediate action to address the current situation, which has been divided into six stages. The lower stages are explained ————-

  1. Creating different levels of supply chain transparency, listing critical products, identifying supply sources, and identifying alternative sources.

  2. Stock must be increased to keep the production system running and to enable delivery to customers.

  3. Realistic final customer needs to be assessed and the customer segment to be met.

  4. To ensure the safety of workers, the individual must provide past safety equipment, as an alternative, so that they can work in shifts.

  5. Need to identify suitable for delivery, take capacity in transportation.

  6. Networking capital needs to be managed to understand where supply chain issues are beginning to have a financial impact.

Prioritize products and manage demand volatility: The current COVID-19 epidemic has been hampered by a range of effects. Retail Priority and Supply Chain Problems Changing Rapidly The time has come to quickly assess, recover, and respond to the myriad obstacles and challenges that are still inevitable for changing companies. The need of the hour in India is to implement supply chain finance programs to help suppliers with the severe financial crisis and to make the value chain more capital efficient. If companies start sharing data in their supply chain at the same time, they will be in a better position to deal with future compromises.

In the crisis of the Covid-19, retailers will have to fight for a business recession and restructuring of the supply chain. Chains need to look for more advanced technology to deal with this difficult situation. Restructuring the Indian supply chain model will be a lockdown for the Indian retail industry – a truly game-changer…

Various steps in vaccine coping with coronavirus

Coronavirus is a type of virus that changes its structure after entering the human body. Scientists from all over the world are very worried about this. As a result of this deadly disease, public life has almost come to a standstill. Scientists in almost every country are working tirelessly to save the world from the scourge of this deadly disease. Because it is not a problem of one country, it is a problem for the whole world. According to current reports, the number of victims in India has risen to about 3 lakh 66 thousand. The death toll has risen to about 12,000. The number of those infected has risen to about 8,514,913 worldwide. India ranks fourth in the world in terms of transmission. India ranks eighth in terms of deaths.

In such a difficult situation, the lockdown in our country has become very relaxed, As a result, the rate of infection is increasing day by day. According to current news, the situation in Delhi has become very dire. India’s health agency has decided to test 1.3 billion Indians, but it is difficult to implement in practice.

In this difficult situation, the effective vaccine of this disease has not been discovered, so the disease is not going to be eradicated. However, 110 scientific teams are working tirelessly to find a vaccine for the disease. It is estimated that 110 vaccines will be available if each team discovers even one vaccine.

Several countries have already reached the final stages of vaccine trials. Once proven effective, the vaccine will be approved, but the vaccine that is more effective and safer for the human body will be used for treatment. In an interview with the international media, the CEO of Vaccine Alliance Gavi talks about the supply and distribution of Cavid-19 vaccine. World leaders at the global vaccine conference 8.8 Billions of dollars pledged to help. A large portion of this fund will be spent on vaccines and that means that by 2025, 300 billion children in the world’s poorest countries will be vaccinated. Vaccines, if effective, could prevent millions of deaths, but vaccine discovery is time-consuming and costly, making it difficult for poor countries to obtain.

The United States has said that the vaccine developed by Oxford University was effective in monkeys. The vaccine will hit the market in September-October, according to a Reuters report. The Ciras Institute of India is responsible for the production of this vaccine. This company is the largest vaccine manufacturing company. Following the success of the monkey vaccine, the company decided to produce a vaccine.

Scientists at Oxford University will be able to test the vaccine in September this year. If the vaccine works properly in the human body without any side effects, two factories will be set up in Pune, India. Once the vaccine is made in India, the government can give it to the people for free. Narendra Modi is helping to review this matter …