Due to the outbreak of corona virus, many individuals are taking way too extra steps in order to stay safe, this includes, use of sanitizing sprays, soaps and gels. Thanks to the pandemic time of COVID-19, each one of us has increased the use of hand sanitizers than ever before.

Proper washing of hands using hand sanitizers whenever washing hands physically is not possible is the best way to protect ourselves from the deadly virus. The times you are outside, driving your vehicle, buying groceries or other essential items, it won’t be possible to simply wash hands with water and soap. This is where the hand sanitizer comes to play the role of a protector. Even the government is advocating the frequent use of hand sanitizers to the public.

Within a span of say two months, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for the hand sanitizers, with more and more companies diversifying their business in order to produce hand sanitizers. Although the demand has been ever increasing, the supply is still lagging behind. In the name of humanity, many organisations such as Assam Rural Development Society distributes free hand sanitizers to people who are either unable to obtain the same from the market or do not possess the necessary resources to buy them. This noble cause the organisation is serving in this difficult time has brought applauds to ARDS from across the length and breadth of the country, and not just restricted to Assam. The other NGOs and organisations are following the model of this society in their fight against COVID-19.


Since hand sanitizers are alcohol based products, there are bound to be certain unpleasant side effects from the constant use of the hand sanitizers. Let’s understand

How our body responds to the constant use of hand sanitizers:

  • Disruption of Microbiomes

The hand sanitizers are good at killing different sorts of bacteria and that’s how they are able to keep us safe from the impact of corona virus and thus prevent the onset of illness. But, the other side of the story is that they impact the microbiomes of the body which may prove to be bad for the human body. They end up killing the beneficial bacteria of the body which may play havoc with the bacterial health of the body. The word of caution here is to use hand sanitizers only when there is a non availability of water and soap, otherwise it is better to access the water and soap to keep ourselves safe.


  • Convenient Mode of Cleaning

The hand sanitizers do play a major role during peak virus seasons like the ongoing one as they make it quite easier for one and all to clean their hands. It is very difficult to wash hands when outside, so sanitizing seems to be the best way out. Because of the factor of convenience being associated with hand sanitizers, more and more people are likely to use the same for cleaning. This is way better than not cleaning at all. The only precaution here is to take the right quantity of the hand sanitizer and rub it all over the hand surfaces till the time it becomes completely dry.


  • Creation of a Stronger Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

There are chances that you may end up using hand sanitizer without even thinking on whether or not you have touched something. This habitual overuse of hand sanitizers can bring an equal harm. Since, the hand sanitizers have antibacterial ingredients in them, they may end of contributing in the evolvement of antibiotic resistant bacteria. This bacteria is immune to the bacteria killing drugs. Thus, to prevent the creation of the little microbes, it is important to reach water and soap rather than the bottle of the hand sanitizer.


  • Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can take place if someone ingests the hand sanitizer. However, accidentally touching of lips just after using hand sanitizers won’t create that big an issue. But gulping even mouthful of hand sanitizer can prove to be fatal. This is the reason, a special warning has been issued by the Government to all the households to keep the hand sanitizers particularly away from the reach of the children because the tiny tots are at a risk of ingesting the same if they see a bright and colorful bottle of a hand sanitizer.


  • Visibly Dirty Hands

Well a muddy mess would be created the moment one tries to use the hand sanitizer to clean off the dirt present in the hands. To each one’s surprise, let us clarify here that the alcohol based hand sanitizers are ineffective when it is about cleaning the dirt and even become less effective in killing viruses when the hands are soiled. As per the medical practitioners, it is advisable to make use of soap and water when the hands are having dirt in it rather than befriending the hand sanitizer. So, particularly when you indulge in gardening, or sports, choose soap and water instead of a hand sanitizer.


  • Irritation or Drying of the Skin

The more and more use of hand sanitizers often affects the skin badly. The drying of the skin and the irritation caused on it are some of the side effects of over use of hand sanitizers only. A dry and cracked skin can lead to even more infection. Thus, it is advisable not to reapply the hand sanitizers instead do it for once in a proper manner after contamination takes place. A 20 seconds rubbing of hand sanitizers over all the surfaces of the hands is enough to protect it.


Amid the pandemic, the hand sanitizers are playing a key role of defense against corona virus when there is no availability of water and soap for keeping the virus at bay. The hand sanitizers should essentially be an important aspect of the cleanliness regimen of each and every individual as by practicing it he/she is not only protecting himself/herself, but, the entire community from the spread of the novel corona virus. However, the disinfecting power of washing hands with soap and water still wins the race. Ensure that you and your community is safe from the transmission of the deadly corona virus.



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