India currently seems to be coping way better with the global pandemic situation than most countries. This is probably because by the time Covid-19 entered India, the government was well-prepared for the fight that they had to initiate against it. All decisions taken by the government were well-timed and helped avoid any disastrous occurrences, as experienced by many developed nations such as Italy, United Kingdom, United States and many more. These countries are known for their developed medical, financial and technical resources, yet they are suffering severely, due to the airborne virus.

Several institutions are researching the matter and have found out that the following reasons are behind these nations suffering more. India can learn from the mistakes made by these countries and try avoiding making the same mistakes.

Pair Up:

The government is currently in charge for protecting their citizens from falling victims to this deadly virus. However, in this case, the experts probably possess more knowledge about the characteristics and biological development of the virus than the government. This is why, it is probably time for them to pair up with experts and discuss several matters related to lockdown, quarantine, medical facilities, etc before they reach a conclusion.

Reduced healthcare:

The deduction that Coronavirus tends to be a serious disease for people who are either old or too young was discovered quite late. Health Policymakers in many countries had thought that by keeping the system restricted to the public sector would make healthcare much more effective yet efficient. However, this practice backfired, because it was seen that the private sector proved to be more effective and more efficient during this crisis than most public healthcare systems that were restricted by the introduction of several policies.

Detect Early:

Another lesson integral for India to understand is the fact that the developed nations currently suffer as they were ill-prepared for the impending danger that came with this virus. India will only be able to fight against the widespread coronavirus if it is able to prepare early before things get out of hand. By properly allocating funds towards healthcare facilities and testing capacity, will India be able to rise above this deadly virus. A strong yet efficient healthcare system is required if India wishes to defeat the viral pandemic.

Don’t miss the sign:

India cannot afford to miss the signs that arise before the corona virus surfaces in any state. They need to remain aware yet proactive in order to take instant decisions and stop the community-spread. They are required to publicise the consequences that may arise in case people do not follow the rules laid down by them to fight the virus. Propagation of hygiene practices is also required in order to help people avoid contracting the disease. They need to ask people to detect the first symptoms of the coronavirus and immediately seek medical help. People in isolation are also required to be provided information on how they are to proceed with this virus in their body from here on.

With these few bits of lessons, India may be able to tackle the corona virus situation much better than the nations before them.