Times goes by as we slowly yet steadily lose ourselves in our work and daily responsibilities. By the time we do start recognising the meaning of life, it is too late. Life lessons aren’t a moral science book that you read in school and forget about later. Life lessons are those short instances that enlighten us about the basic principles that one should possess. You don’t forget life lessons; in fact you pass them on to the next person who might need them. With the current quarantine period, our lives have come to a sudden halt allowing us to truly assess and learn some very important lessons that we may have ignored or failed to recognize before.

Hygiene is important:

“Wash your hands before you sit for dinner!” Is something that we have always heard our parents scream about. However, we considered it as them being overbearing, and not us not following basic hygiene. The rise of the Coronavirus pandemic has caused many of us to develop a habit of washing our hands more frequently than usual. Even if the pandemic ends, we will probably still possess the habit of washing our hands, every time for 20-seconds.


With the widespread popularity of social media, many of us tend to spend most of our quarantine time scrolling through the various posts updated here. However that platform is sometimes misused by a few individuals to spread rumours and false news. This Covid lockdown has caused us to understand the difference that exists between fake and real-time news.

Sick leave to save lives:

Employees have come to realise that coming to office with any sort of infectious or viral disease is no longer an option. Instead by taking a sick leave they can easily use the time to recover and return to office without any problems. They can probably use the assistance of their colleagues during the time of their leave to take care of any urgent work that needs to be done.

Work from Home:

It is quite apparent now that working from home is also possible. It is not always necessary to sit in an office to finish all your work, taking a work-from-home will also ensure similar productivity or probably even more. This Corona virus quarantine period has thus taught us about the importance of maintaining a balance in our work and personal life by simply working from home efficiently.

Nature in all its glory:

As the Coronavirus scares all the humans to go into hiding, nature starts to flourish. Overcoming the years of torture, misuse and abuse, and finally thriving in all its glory. As we look outside during this quarantine period, we realize that the world is a much better place without the humans trying to destroy for their own profit.

Time for relatives and friends:

Although socializing seemed like a pain previously, now we simply miss the people we used to hangout or spend time with. Lockdown has taught us that you need to interact and meet up with the people you cherish more or else a day might come that you won’t be able to meet them even if you wanted to.

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