The Corona epidemic is now a cause of panic around the world. Death processions continue around the world. India was not spared from this deadly situation. Currently, the situation in India is extremely critical. This is because 70% of the people in our country live below the poverty line and after a long 3 months of lockdown, the common people have become unemployed. There is a food crisis in the households but it is true that the central government and the state government have provided free rations.

We have seen in past history how much the backbone of politics is made up of diplomacy. At present, it is also seen in India how politics is going on with Corona. And who has to pay the compensation to the common man. The Corona situation has made human life miserable. On the one hand, migrant workers are dying when they are hit by a truck on their way home on foot or when they are hit by a train. The problem of migrant workers is not with the central government or any state government. This problem is all over India. One class of people left home for a living and went out to work. They are all low-income. The Center and the states are blaming each other for not solving their problems. Leaders of different political parties in our country are now trying to meet their interests. Now our benevolent leaders or ministers have not come together and stood by the common people to confront them.

Central and state conflicts are not new to ordinary people like us. In fact, the opposition thinks that they will continue to oppose the center for the rest of their lives. The Narendra Modi government has allocated multiple financial packages. . Three months free gas for BPLs, Zero Balance Account holders are being paid Rs 500 each. But the real picture is very different. Politics is going on with all these financial packages. Many have raised the issue of fraud in Modi’s financial package.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanam, has commented on the Corona situation, saying that national unity around the world is very much needed. The situation is becoming more complicated to politicize the Corona epidemic. In this context, India’s observation shows that the government is lagging behind in both medical care and food aid. Ordinary people are moving from one hospital to another but are not getting proper treatment. As a result, countless people are dying prematurely. Leaders of various political parties are being accused of stealing relief from the common man in this difficult situation. In this awful situation, the situation should be dealt with without forgetting the political differences without the non-cooperation of every state with the Center.

Even after so many years of independence, the condition of hospitals in our country is deteriorating and so many people are dying day by day. Who will still get the seat of Delhi, the leader of our country? He is fighting in the hope of getting votes. Even after so many days, no health care infrastructure has been developed in the districts and villages. But it is not only the responsibility of our political leaders and ministers, but it is also the responsibility of some ordinary people like us. Everyone forgets that the common man controls the politicians of democracy, this difficult reality will teach the people who will be at the top of politics, who will stand by the common man in their misery, only then our India will improve the financial, education, health aspects again.