Floods are one of the causes of the annual catastrophe in the state of Assam. The main cause of the 2020 Assam floods is the Brahmaputra river floods and heavy rainfall in May. According to RBA data, out of a total of 748.523 lakh hectares of land in the state, 31.05 lakh hectares are at risk of floods. Floods in Assam are seen every year due to man-made and natural causes. Earthquakes, bank erosions, and dams usually cause floods in the entire state. Assam is flooded by the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers as well as their tributaries, usually damaging farmland. In addition, the people of Assam have not been spared from the global outbreak of corona disease in 2020.

In the current situation, Assam was devastated by floods and Kovid-19. Although the number of corona patients has started increasing across the country, the number of corona cases in Assam was not known at first. However, the number of corona patients in the state has increased since the arrival of workers from other states.

The situation in Assam is tense after a long lockdown. Unemployed people were placed under house arrest. Like every year, this year’s flood situation has further affected the people of Assam. In Assam, about 26 districts have been inundated by floods, More than 3,000 villages have been affected and about 61 people have died, while the number of corona cases continues to rise in Assam. Where the government is telling everyone to stay under house arrest, the helpless people of Assam have become homeless in the floodwaters. About 28,000 people in the state have been affected by corona and 60 have died.

According to various reports from Assam, almost all the croplands in the state have been damaged by the floods and most of the people are spending the night on the streets. In a long lockdown, the day laborers have become jobless, on the other hand, the flood has snatched the roof off their heads.

The floods have claimed the lives of people as well as innocent animals. In Kaziranga National Park187 animals, including 16 rhinos, have been killed and innocent animals have been killed.

Everybody is suffering in the clutches of the Corona attack all over the country. But in Assam, the situation of the people of the state is very critical due to Corona disease as well as floods. This difficult situation has become very difficult for the central government and the state government to deal with. Ordinary people are not able to maintain distance despite government directives.

They are spending their days together due to the flood. Despite the government providing relief to various camps, public life in Assam has come to a standstill today. The central government and the state government have assured the people in various ways that they are ready to provide all kinds of assistance. But there is no way to deny that we are vulnerable to natural disasters. The current situation in Assam teaches us that.