With the Corona virus pandemic sweeping the world, impacting the human population, it has caused every person to develop a sense of fear and anxiety related to this mysterious virus. The length of its continuation is causing all of humanity to be confronted by a sense of agony caused by the virus that roams outside. Although, lockdown and simple hygiene practices are proving to be helpful, however, we still await the day when we can breathe freely without a mask.

Why do the people of India need to stay indoors:

With a population of more than 130 crores, India is a country where the corona virus can cause some deep, irreversible damage. Most of the country’s population is known for inhabiting dense colonies. Therefore, if lockdown isn’t maintained it will lead to a massive death toll, surpassing every other western nation leading the Corona virus death toll currently. In order to prevent such a mass destruction from occurring, it is quite necessary for Indians to stay indoors and ensure they don’t leave their homes unless necessary.

Reason behind Lockdown Extension:

With the constant extension of lockdown that seems to never end, it is very apparent that the Covid situation isn’t ending any time soon. According to a recent claim, it has been stated that things may continue till July or even August. The main reason behind extension is to ensure that this airborne virus doesn’t spread any further. Limited movement will reduce the rate of spreading and allow the ones who have already contracted the Corona virus to receive immediate care.

As for the vaccine, researchers are dedicating their life on developing it, however, no one knows how long till they are available at a mass scale. It can take from a year to about 18 months till the vaccine for the Corona virus is widely available in the market.

Public Opinion:

Staying indoors is causing many of us to dive into research and find out the period till which the corona virus shall continue existing. Word on the street states that the virus may last till September or even December. Given that the Covid-19 virus tends to survive over 24 hours on cardboard and 72 hours on plastic, it is apparent, that this virus isn’t leaving us alone anytime soon. It is also being predicted that opening the lockdown now may cause drastic effects given that sometimes during a pandemic usually the virus hits the world with a second wave, during which the death toll tend to rise to an amount which is simply horrifying.


Therefore, it is suggested that Corona virus in India may last longer than one can expect. It may last till August or even September. Though the numbers are unknown, most people are requested to stay indoors till this mysterious virus completely disappears from the face of the earth. Though recovery rates in India are comparatively way better than most other countries, it doesn’t really mean that the Covid-19 will simply disappear, considering this country is so densely populated.

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