Introduction :

Every human life is a huge source of energy. Every human being has a source of latent life force. By relying on this vitality we can reach our own goals. Without being dependent on others, we can try to build a life by our own intellect, labor intelligence, strength, etc. Which in a word is called self-reliance or self-reliant. The Holy Bible says – You earn your living by the sweat of the brow.

Characteristics of self-reliance :

Self-reliance is a great virtue in our lives that is dormant in all of us but we need many virtues to make it a reality. There is no way we can become self-sufficient without hard work. We can become self-reliant only through the practice of enthusiasm, interest, dedication, discipline, honesty.

Our motivation for action :

Motivation towards action can illuminate the dark chapter of our life. And just then we find the real meaning of life. Then we move on to success and then we don’t have to depend on others. But those of us who are averse to action give up our lives to find the key to survival and their way of life is dark. So keep this in mind-God help those who help themselves.

Tied to the path of self-reliance :

The contribution of labor in our lives is undeniable and there is a relationship of self-reliance with labor. Self-reliance and self-esteem complement each other. We should not despise any work. If we deny labor, we will be deprived of all the pleasures of life. But it is also true that we often work hard but do not get the respect we deserve from society. If we break down for all this, our whole life will fail. Then in the eyes of everyone, I will be known as a lost man. So you have to be motivated to work to prove yourself and which will one day take us to the extremes of improvement and then I will be known to everyone as a successful person.

Attempts to become self-reliant in student life :

Student life is the right time to achieve self-reliance. Reading alone cannot develop our independent thinking power. The development of basic thinking power makes us self-reliant and all that thinking power can be achieved through extensive practice. Just as we have learned to walk in our own efforts, we have learned to speak. Only self-confidence can awaken our latent energy. We need to practice our weaknesses extensively so that we can become proficient in them.


Self-reliance is the key to all kinds of improvement. The creator does not help the person who does not want to be self-sufficient. We can face all difficult situations with the strength of self-strength. I will overcome any adversity by resorting to my own strength without praying for the mercy of others, not the greed of others. Motivation and confidence are the keys to success …..