Green Peas or “garden peas” belonging to the Leguminaceae family are cultivated as the third most cultivable crop in India. It is used in a variety of vegetable dishes, in soups, salads as well as frozen canned food during the summer season. Some of the best improved varieties of peas found in India are VL Matar-42, Rachana, HUDP- 15, etc. The green pea is quite a common vegetable and it is not just the pea pods that are utilized as food, but the straw of green pea is used as a fodder for the livestocks. This crop has immense nutritive value. The pea pods play a very important role in providing manifold health benefits, next only to pulses.


Salient Features:

  • Pea is cultivated as a Rabi (winter-September to December) crop and can be easily cultivated, with low irrigation requirement and costs of production.
  • It is slowly gaining popularity in North East as a cultivable crop because it can grow in a cool, semi-arid condition, grows quickly, and is capable of withstanding frost.
  • It is a crop which increases the nitrogen content of the soil by combining with the nitrogen-fixing bacteria and thus is most suitable for increasing the depleted nitrogen content of the soil.
  • The Cluster Frontline Demonstration was conducted during the Rabi season and its main focus was on increasing the yield. It is bringing a revolution in pea cultivation. Northeast has taken a special interest in implementing the program.
  • The technologies like varietal evaluation, INM have been used during the cropping period.
  • The rural households use the pea plant whole after they pluck the pods as vegetables. This adds to the nutritive value of the daily diet of the poor people of this region.


Challenges Faced:

  • Diseases destroy the yield of the pea plants. Genetically engineered seeds are planted nowadays to deal effectively with this issue.
  • Asocochyta Blight is a common enemy of this crop. To deal with this, the infected plant should be destroyed immediately.
  • Insects such as aphids, pea weevils are known to be the common enemy that causes damage to this crop. Neem oil spray can help in this case immensely.

The scope of growing peas in the North East is quite promising. North East India often features in the reports on the cultivation of this kind of crops. The farmers can gain economically if they grow it as a rotational crop.