• Coronavirus has triggered a funding crisis for ARDS when they are needed most.

  • The economic downswing suggests that future aid budgets and donations square measure probably to say no.

  • A liquidity plan and teamwork with full dedication could help ARDS to recover from this fund crisis.

We all know that this pandemic is unprecedented in scale and need. Almost every ménage, community, organization, nation & sector is reeling from its impacts on the economy, health, and society. Our world has fundamentally changed.

We also know that populations affected by conflict and those trapped in states of fragility and protracted crises, health, and economic effects certainly, but also risks to social order and cohesion.

The Assam Rural Development Society (ARDS) stands ready to respond to the extraordinary needs that this crisis is generating and are already scaling up our responses, and preparing to do so much more.

ARDS are acutely aware of our role and responsibility in continuing to meet the needs of the of people who rely on us. The ARDS Team has a huge part to play, both responding to immediate needs and in helping with recovery in the medium to longer term.

To be clear, this is not a fundraising attempt by ARDS. If we work dedicatedly and honestly the ARDS will survive to support all after the pandemic is over.

ARDS urgently need your brightest ideas, your networks, and power to bring people together, to help us innovate our way through this crisis.

With the changed context of the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs need to pivot rapidly to respond to different and additional needs, while coping with restrictions on travel, lockdown requirements, and health concerns. This requires a massive amount of flexibility, as the parameters and cost structures of our work shift, with the duration of these shifts entirely unknown. The implications of this for cash flow and liquidity of funding crisis are critical and acutely time-sensitive for ARDS.


Workforce, Dedication, Honesty & Discipline = Survival Technology for ARDS


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