Retails Policies.

  • The Society supply to the retailer grocery items amount of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand) weekly and Retailer sell the said item in his locality.
  • The Retailer after selling the grocery items, out of total Rs. 20, 000/- (Twenty Thousand) under one week the company will release goods demanded by the retailer depending on the deposit made by retailer.
  • If the Retailers is failed to sell the grocery items within one week or the Retailer fails to circulate the amount weekly, the society will not take any further responsibility.
  • If any party violates the terms and conditions of the Society, then he/she will be prosecuted in the proper Court of law by the other party.
  • The validity of the agreement will be for 1 year.
  • The renewal fee will be charge 0.5% according to the annual business turnover of the second party.
  • The business instruments should be owned by second party