To look after development of roads, lanes, supply of pure drinking water, proper electrification etc. in the area.

  To encourage community to maintain the Roads and Drainage in their living places.

  To create employments avenues for the weaker section of the society, Particularly those living below poverty level and thereby build a healthy rural economy as well as by enabling them to use their skills by undertaking income generation activities


Assam is by far the biggest state among all the north-eastern states that are collectively known as \the seven sisters.’ Assam was one of the leading states in India in the decade of 1950s in terms of economic prosperity. But unfortunately, the state had lost its track in the path of financial growth since then and other states went miles ahead. Assam, however, is very rich in human and natural resources. So, the commoners and state and central officials felt the need to develop the state of Assam economically.

Rural development in Assam

The Panchayat & Rural Development has taken up the noble responsibility of enhancing the lives of rural people by implementing various projects. The focus is on strengthening of local resources by increasing the capability of poor rural people and building up significant infrastructure in the rural Assam.

The Panchayat and Rural Development Department have recently come up with some innovative new projects for making community assets, bolstering the occupational strategies of the poor cultivators and farmers to provide the needy ones with wage employment.

The Rural development department of Assam and the Panchayat of the state has come up with effective measures to eradicate poverty and improve the standard of livelihood of rural people by providing them with social security. These authorities have been implanting a plethora of programs to empower the poor rural people with laws that are based on their rights. The main objectives of these programs are to generate employment and alleviate poverty. Let’s take a look at all the objectives that state authorities have strived to achieve;

  • Minimizing rural poverty
  • Generating employment in rural sector
  • Developing rural infrastructure
  • Removing regional disparity
  • Building accommodation for poor rural people

Some self-employment, social welfare and wage-employment schemes have been underway under the rural development sector. To ensure accountability and transparency in implementing these schemes, the officials have set up rigorous monitoring system online.

Urban Development in Assam

The authorities associated with the urban development in Assam have come up with the vision to put together financially inclusive, efficient, vibrant and sustainable urban habitats. The mission of the Assam urban development is to promote cities as the hub of financial development by up-scaling the quality of urban lifestyle. The urban development authorities in Assam are focused on creating top-notch infrastructure with value-added services and competent governance. The department carries out the following functions;

  • Synchronizing the urban local state bodies and to release all the statutory responsibilities.
  • Administering the Act provisions of Assam Town & Country Planning by publishing each and every urban area’s Master Plan.
  • Sanctioning the of the urban local bodies’ development schemes wherever needed which are sponsored by Government of India.

The economic and social development of Assam was halted by two wars in the past and widespread migration of Bangladeshi people. However, with the new set of initiatives being taken by central and state authorities, the stage is now ripe for state’s fast economical growth.