Coronavirus is a type of virus that changes its structure after entering the human body. Scientists from all over the world are very worried about this. As a result of this deadly disease, public life has almost come to a standstill. Scientists in almost every country are working tirelessly to save the world from the scourge of this deadly disease. Because it is not a problem of one country, it is a problem for the whole world. According to current reports, the number of victims in India has risen to about 3 lakh 66 thousand. The death toll has risen to about 12,000. The number of those infected has risen to about 8,514,913 worldwide. India ranks fourth in the world in terms of transmission. India ranks eighth in terms of deaths.

In such a difficult situation, the lockdown in our country has become very relaxed, As a result, the rate of infection is increasing day by day. According to current news, the situation in Delhi has become very dire. India’s health agency has decided to test 1.3 billion Indians, but it is difficult to implement in practice.

In this difficult situation, the effective vaccine of this disease has not been discovered, so the disease is not going to be eradicated. However, 110 scientific teams are working tirelessly to find a vaccine for the disease. It is estimated that 110 vaccines will be available if each team discovers even one vaccine.

Several countries have already reached the final stages of vaccine trials. Once proven effective, the vaccine will be approved, but the vaccine that is more effective and safer for the human body will be used for treatment. In an interview with the international media, the CEO of Vaccine Alliance Gavi talks about the supply and distribution of Cavid-19 vaccine. World leaders at the global vaccine conference 8.8 Billions of dollars pledged to help. A large portion of this fund will be spent on vaccines and that means that by 2025, 300 billion children in the world’s poorest countries will be vaccinated. Vaccines, if effective, could prevent millions of deaths, but vaccine discovery is time-consuming and costly, making it difficult for poor countries to obtain.

The United States has said that the vaccine developed by Oxford University was effective in monkeys. The vaccine will hit the market in September-October, according to a Reuters report. The Ciras Institute of India is responsible for the production of this vaccine. This company is the largest vaccine manufacturing company. Following the success of the monkey vaccine, the company decided to produce a vaccine.

Scientists at Oxford University will be able to test the vaccine in September this year. If the vaccine works properly in the human body without any side effects, two factories will be set up in Pune, India. Once the vaccine is made in India, the government can give it to the people for free. Narendra Modi is helping to review this matter …